Just Me


I came of age in 2012. In fact, I come of age and regress quite often. At this point in time, this very exact point, I feel complete, balanced and working my way towards my best life ever. Some would say “on the right path”, perhaps?

I’m nestled sweetly in the depths of Northern Alberta working in the Upstream Petroleum Industry as an OH&S Manager. I live almost north of 60 and I face deer, bear, linx, moose, prairie chickens, fox, and coyotes on my trail hikes, drives and randomly in my yard. I came from Ontario. I left everything I knew to start again, I found freedom. I found my love, well, no, that’s incorrect. I reunited with my soul-mate after nearly 20 years of being apart.

My head space is happy so my purpose for blogging is to share in my life’s adventures, trials and tribulations and connect with  fellow bloggers for inspiration and friendship. I aim to write weekly, daily if time permits. I love to read blogs, so I will follow all that I enjoy and hope that you reciprocate.

Random useless/useful information about me:

I prefer humanism.


Pro choice, pro women, pro gay, pro lesbian, pro transgender, pro bisexual, pro pansexual, pro straight, not quite sure where I fit in any of those.

A little bit less than a pessimist, not quiet an optimist. I suffer from PTSD so I have a hard time believing things will be ok, even though I truly want them to be.

I get scared very easily, I will scream at the top of my lungs if someone comes up behind me, but my friends describe me as the “toughest” they know.

If you tickle me I will kick you in the face.

My instincts are so on point I should have been a fox or a lie detector!

I practice Yoga, running, crossfit, weightlifting, boxing.

I dabble in photography and love anything food and technology.

Will never claim to know how to write. In fact it’s a chore for me. I never know where to place the commas. But I love to blog!

I accidentally raised one of the coolest, smartest, socially and emotionally balanced, kid around. I have no idea how I did that.

Studied nutrition and was a personal chef  for a while. I am a recipe creator. I love to take bad food and make it whole, make it good, make people’s mouth water and food melt in it.  I make love in the kitchen (not literally that would be gross). Food is my passion! What can I say? If you got it flaunt it.

Proud beard loving woman.

I’m the poster child for a successful adult living with ADD!

Happy Blogging!


4 thoughts on “Just Me

  1. “I accidentally raised one of the coolest, smartest, socially and emotionally balanced, kid around. I have no idea how I did that.” — That should totally be in your book or two that you may or may not write in the future. Love it.

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